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Read the following discussion and consider the views of both the teacher and her students. Write a speech for the school Science Club. In your speech ; describe some of the ways children use technology ; precautions children could take for health and safety ; views of older generations towards technology ; give your own views Base your speech on the ideas found in the discussion and be careful to use your own words. You should write between lo and 2 sides, allowing for the size of your handwriting.
Up to ten marks are available for the content of your answer and up to fifteen marks for the quality Of your writing. After a Communication Studies lesson, the teacher, Mrs. Trapdoor, and three students discuss modern technology. Mrs. Trapdoor: That lesson makes me more worried than ever about your physical well being. Surely it’s not a good thing that you use modern technology to escape from reality so often? Brat: So, what do you do to escape from the stresses of your job? No doubt you ‘up the volume’ on your classical music in the car or watch the latest soap opera on television.
Either way, it’s not that different. Mrs. Trapdoor: Okay, we all need to switch off now and then, but the kids see are permanently hooked up to some gadget that Stops them communicating with others. My son is constantly in his own bubble; if he’s not on the phone to a friend then he’s ‘shuffling’ and focused on his music player, and don’t get me started on these new games and films he watches on a ridiculously small screen. Catkin: It’s the latest technology. It solves the problem of what film you all want to watch on television.

He’s just ‘zoning out’; its what we all do. In your day you would have gone to your room. Well, now we can block out situations hat are stressful. Mrs. Trapdoor: What? Like family life? You see that’s what worries me. He’s there in the room with us, but he’s not really there. Ail: Well, it depends on how high the volume is! I can easily listen to my music as well as tune in to what’s being said around me. If my mother starts an argument, then I just turn the volume up to the maximum! Brat: That’s how I like to listen to my music nanny. Loud.
Mrs. Trapdoor: You see that also concerns me. New studies prove it is dangerous to listen to really loud music as it can cause hearing loss. [25] Catkin: Well, what about you and your laptop? You’re always hunched over it typing, risking injury to your back and your hands. You see, you condemn our use of technology, but you forget how much people older than us rely on it. Plus, if anything goes wrong with your new devices, you usually ask us to fix it. Mrs. Trapdoor: Okay, I know you belong to the technological society, but it doesn’t stop me worrying about your health.
My laptop isn’t a miniscule gadget that requires me to risk my eyesight to see the screen. The keys on your game players are so small that you could suffer from repetitive strain injury or even arthritis in the future. Catkin: get your point. However, we know that we should have breaks when our eyes get tired or our fingers ache. Mrs. Trapdoor: What about the dangers of walking around or cycling whilst the latest rap song is blaring in your ears? You’re oblivious to the traffic around you and you risk being in an accident.
What’s more, someone could attack you as you wouldn’t be aware of their presence. Ail: It is stupid to lock yourself up in your own world in a busy city, but is it very different from adult motorists talking on their mobiles and causing accidents? Mrs. Trapdoor: But it’s in cities where I see most teenagers not interacting with hats going on around them, and they don’t even mutter please or thank you to others who serve them. Ail: You can’t blame these devices for bad manners. Don’t tell me that adults aren’t tempted to block out the noise and stress of public transport!
I saw an old guy with headphones on in the subway, blissfully unaware of his surroundings. Mrs. Trapdoor: Everyone over thirty looks old to you lot! My point is still relevant. I’m not just concerned about noise. I’ve even heard of discos where teenagers listen and dance to their own choice of music on their own headphones. Catkin: Hey, that’s a good idea! The world is changing. By the way, is that your cell phone ringing? A very warm welcome to one and all in the Science Club ! Does any one here know that technology could be dated back to the pre historic era?
Well, before we get into that, lets define technology. As we all know , our lives revolve around technological advancements right from basic appliances like a fan or air conditioner to your Phone. Engineers all over the world strive to improve the quality of life, by inventing user friendly devices by which, life becomes comfortable. Who could say ‘NO’ to ease and luxury in the fast advancing world ?? Nicola Tests, the father of modern technology, as ridiculed by scientists then for inventing very important tools like the radio, Cray & the AC and DC motor.
Some did not accept his theory, but least did they imagine, so many years later a life without these modern appliances. Technology should be encouraged when it comes to enriching a person’s being. The very discovery of the ‘flint’ stone is considered a technological advancement without which the discovery of fire would have been next to impossible. As the saying goes ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, the thirst and desire to learn and aspire is what drove cave man to improve his lifestyle. If only he did not do so, we would all remain in darkness till date.
Since then, discoveries big or small have had a positive impact on the outlook of people and the way they choose to lead life. Not only has technology impacted the world towards fun and enjoyment, but also helped him have a larger life p , thanks to the advancements in the field Of healthcare. Technology alone has helped diagnose and treat life threatening diseases that could possibly wipe out our very existence on this planet. Hence, encouraging such endeavourers is an important step towards a healthy life. The past decade has seen profound increase in the use of entertainment technology by children, some as young as 1 year of age.
It is hard to find kids who would prefer playing basket ball in the open to a SSP indoors. Doctors world wide believe , that ‘attachment’ to technology has ‘detached’ children from humanity as they would interact better with a Graphical User Interface than a fellow human being. Brain development research suggests that the frontal cortex of a child’s brain is at risk where he looses impulse control and becomes more violent. Apart from this, the Electromagnetic radiations that are emitted from these gadgets are remarry causes of sensory and motor disorders in children.
Being a couch potato , with a TV remote in one hand and a snack in the other is one such thing you can’t miss in a household with kids. Unhealthy snacking and lack of physical exercise and fresh air causes obesity which endanger their lifep. However, recent advancements in the field of modern gadgets does cause concern in the minds of the previous generation. The pods and loud music , generally used to De-stress, by teenagers causes serious hearing disorders. Decades ago, fun was about meeting up with friends and family over a social adhering, and now that children prefer chatting online to meeting up, parents do get a little worried.
The worry ends up in reflecting badly on technological improvements. Besides, they overlook the fact that even they require gadgets to complete their daily tasks even as simple as sending an email and turn to youngsters to certain stuff they can’t handle. Overall, rating technological advancements as a bane would be unfair to the present generation has it has so many positives to it. To wrap up my speech, would like to say a few words on how a rational use of technology could improve the outlook of children.
Firstly, to the parents who think advancements would prove to be a disadvantage to their children, I suggest they ensure the exposure is under their supervision and subtly handled. Secondly, technology is a limitless field of science where there is so much to learn and gather that, exposing our kids to it, would bring positive results as they would learn so much more.

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