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Group paper << Self-nude-shooting >> ————————————————- Content Page 1. Introduction 3 2. Definition of self-nude-shooting 3 3. Reasons of the popularity of self-nude-shooting 4-6 4. Social impact of self-nude-shooting 7-8 5. Mindset of posting or sharing the photos/videos 9 6. The views from different parties in the society 10-11 7. Concluding remarks 12 8. References 13 9. Appendix 13
Introduction: Definition of self-nude-shooting: Self nude-shooting means individual records his/her nude body via some kinds of medium, such as cameras. And the body is shown on photos or videos. Reasons of the popularity of self-nude-shooting: It is found that self-nude-shooting is popular in Hong Kong. The reasons behind has been classified in 4 areas, which are the advancing technology, culture and people belief, the psychological condition of teenagers altered by puberty, and the satisfaction of sexual desires and misunderstandings between couples. * Advancing technology
Self-nude-shooting can be carried out through several medium, such as taking photos or recording videos. When people still need a traditional camera to take photos, they needed to print the photo in shop. Compare to nowadays, people can take pictures or videos simply by a digital camera, webcam or even mobile phones and then upload to their own computer as personal collection. This big progress has encouraged people to make a record on any “memorable” moments. What’s more, the privacy has increased theoretically, thus, people would like to take photos with less ethical limits. This has explained how self-nude-shooting appears.

Furthermore, communicating tool is well-developed and widely used these days. Besides putting photos into photo album, people share their photos online. They can post photos in some photo-sharing websites including blogs such as Xanga and YahooBlog, online albums like Flickr. com and Fotop. Net. If they want more interaction from others, they can even upload to the social networking website like Facebook and MySpace. If people post some striking photos, it can attract others’ attentions and get a higher click rate. Some people may gain fulfillment when people are interested in their photos. Culture and people belief The culture of a society has affected people thinking and belief. It is found that self-nude-shooting is popular especially in teenagers. After our discussion, we think that celebrity endorsement has a major impact on people. Edison Chan, the actor, is one of the infamous self-nude-shooting stars in Hong Kong. Even though the media has a cruel criticize towards his behavior, some of the teenagers view his doing as a heroic manner. Some teens appreciate his bravery. * The psychological condition of teenagers altered by puberty Puberty has a great impact on teenagers’ mental condition.
During puberty, gonad will produce varies of hormones such estrogen and androgen which stimulate growth and maturate the reproductive system. What’s more, the hormones also affect the emotion. During adolescence, teenagers are more likely to make friends. They started to view their friends and influencing one another. They hope they are be respected and not to be alone. In order to join the peer group, they are asked to behave similarly. This also creates the peer pressure. For example, if their friends are doing self-nude-shooting, they maybe also asked to do t to show their friendship. * The satisfaction of sexual desires and misunderstandings between couples Teenagers are usually curious about the opposite sex. Therefore, their lovers may be the first sources to explore the sex directly. It is found that the people tend to think that showing-off good sexual ability is one way to please their partner. What’s more, during sexual intercourse, they hope they can please their partner by using different positioning in order to make more sexual excitement. However, we think this is inappropriate to seek for prolong healthy relationship.
A healthy relationship should build beyond caring and respectful connection. Social impact of self-nude-shooting Teenagers and students: * Affect their attitude towards sex: 1. Immature teenagers or students imitate obscene movements. 2. Some of them trust what they see and hear on the internet without recognize what is really right or wrong. (This is because getting more and more self shoot nude pictures on the internet. They may consider this kind of behavior is normal. ) 3. As self shoot nude pictures are very popular on the internet, they can easily access this information, which affects their attitude towards sex. E. g. ome of the young people want to please their partners are willing to have nude self shooting or even photograph during sexual intercourse. 4. Encourage young people to have casual sex. (This is because those self shoot nude pictures may contain scenes of party sex or having sex with different people. ) Adult: * They imitate the obscene movement from those scenes of self shoot nude pictures or video and photograph others nude without noticing them. To the whole: * Challenge social mores. (China is a country where people are paying a lot of attention to ethics since ancient time especially the relationship between men and women.
Couples must have sex in private area and our bodies should not show to the public. ) * Concept of sex has been distorted. (Sex is private. The exposed self shoot nude pictures and videos on the internet may cause illusion of open sex. ) * Infringe upon personal privacy. (Some of those shot are not voluntary or informed. ) * Distortions in gender roles. (Some of the self shoot nude photos and videos may contain homosexual sex shots. ) * As this kind of pictures or videos can be easily seen on the Internet, this affects the lives of others. (This is because not Internet users accept those pictures and video. In the long term: * People may have bad attitude towards sex. They may consider sex is open and casual. * This encourages the development of pornography. * People may get addicted to that pornography. * Social mores are being challenged. Example: Social impact of Edison Chen photo scandal * The scandal has shocked the general public and ignited debate about sexual morality. * The blanket coverage of the local press, their reporting style, and the appearance of photographs has also been met with public complaints to TELA. (TELA suspected that at least two journals violated the Obscene Articles Ordinance. * The images reached China mostly through an image-sharing service on Baidu (Tieba). * Beijing Network News Council (BNNC) held a meeting on 18 February to discuss the “romantic pictures”, and criticised Baidu for spreading the pictures. * Other web sites that actively discouraged the photo distribution, namely Sohu, Sina and Netease, were praised by BNCC. * People imitate to take self shoot nude photos and post on the internet. * People imitate obscene movements from those pictures. The mindset of posting or sharing the photos/videos: They want to be care, be loved and be aware.
They think that posting or sharing their naked photos or videos can become a hot spot and draw the others attention. People will be notified by their acts and try to find more details about them. Also they can make new friends or attract people with other sex. People will make some comments on their photos or videos and try to make friend with them. It helps reduce their loneliness and gain the identification from other. They want to show off their sex power to the others. The main reason of this action is that they satisfy with their bodies, they want to be praised and admired by the others about their bodies and poses.
Also, they try to treat themselves as observers to view back their bodies from the photos. It can be regarded as one of the sexual parahillia: exhibitionism. They find that this act is exciting, fun and safe. They are proud of their illegalized action. Besides, they think that it’s nothing matter to do this as it is a trend on the Internet, it is also safe when posting their photos or videos on their own blogs with a locked password or no one will recognize them when a nickname or anonymous name is used. Commercial reason. They can find their so call clients after posting their photos and videos on the Internet.
Those clients will contact them to undergo sex services. It is well known as compensated dating. They want to fulfill their material satisfaction or gain money by means of compensated dating. The views from different parties in the society: * The public and concerned group: They deem that this act violate the tradition of moral, moral is defined as the restriction of human behaviors and the criterion for right or wrong. People showing their naked bodies to the others wantonly is obviously violating the moral as this act (posting and sharing) will definitely isturb the others, it shows no respect to the public and the naked-photo takers themselves. This kind of irresponsible behavior will badly interfere the next generation. It is easy for the children to imitate teenagers’ and adults’ action. They think that people nowadays (especially teenagers) are gradually becoming too open-minded toward sex. It seems people ignored the proper protection to their bodies. * Teachers and psychologist: Their views are similar to that of the public and concerned groups, some of the psychologists think that the reason for the action owe to the curiosity, excitation and the imitation of the others (e. g. op stars). They deemed that this action cannot prove any true love at all. The partners will be hurt mentally if the photos or videos are posted on the Internet without the consensus of them. * Parents: Parents think that people doing these kinds of behavior can be regarded as a pervert. It is the abnormal behavior. They wonder why people don’t protect their bodies and wantonly place it online. They find it hard to educate and monitor their children if this behavior becomes a trend. It is easy for the children and teenagers to browse the related websites on the Internet anytime. Thus, much time have to be spent to reeducate them. Students: Students hold different opinions toward this action. Some of the students feel the photos or videos are disgusting and it is too open-minded toward sex. They worry that if this action becomes a trend, they will blind to follow or even they will have a negative impression on friends. (They may suspect that whether their friends had taken the naked photos before. ) However, some of the students deem that it doesn’t really matter if people voluntarily take, post or share their photos and videos. We do not have the right to intervene the others’ private life. Concluding remarks: References: http://blog. lyfhk. net/kavkiskey ttp://jorliman. homedns. org/f2blog/rewrite. php/read-466. html http://www. singtao. com/yesterday/edu/0105go01. html http://jou. pccu. edu. tw/weekly/weekly1100-09/1102/deep/1102deep01. htm http://intermargins. net/Forum/2003/xiaxin/news/2002Jan-Jun/20020313a. htm http://www. 3boys2girls. com/viewthread. php? tid=203656&extra=page%3D1&page=13&sid=NRjkDQ http://hk. knowledge. yahoo. com/question/question? qid=7008022100122 http://jou. pccu. edu. tw/weekly/weekly1100-09/1102/deep/1102deep01. htm http://www. tcmer. com/Newscentre/shui/200802/8693. html http://news. ifeng. com/opinion/200804/0401_23_471731. shtml

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