He Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy.

1. Introduction Analysis of the article, we have a certain understanding of the Repairing Jobs That fail to Satisfy. The report focuses on how DrainFlow can improve in three areas: job structure, incentive structure, and hiring practices. The main contents include an introduction to the problems DrainFlow is encountering, analyses of the current business, and recommendations on how DrainFlow can overcome these issues to foster a long-term competitive advantage. Goal and Recommendations
The goal of this proposal is to provide recommendations for a new job structure, a new incentive structure, and new hiring practices. The job structure recommendations will allow for more cross training between office workers and service providers. This will enrich all jobs at DrainFlow by adding different tasks, autonomy, and feedback. The new incentive structure will allow for flexible benefits and recognition. This is designed to motivate employees and improve customer service. Lastly, the new hiring practices will provide a repeatable solution for finding a cohesive set of new employees. . Satisfaction The job characteristics model offers such a framework. It identifies five primary job characteristics, interrelationship, and impact on employee productivity, motivation, and satisfaction. (Hakman, Lawler, 1994) The present system of job design may be contribution to employee dissatisfaction; the most important reason is from the interrelationship, according the figure from the essay, we can know the lowest satisfaction parts are the interactions with the employees’ supervisor and the company asked them to do the work.
Therefore, after our group analysis we think the important with employees’ dissatisfaction of reasons are the interactions and motivation problems. Frome the essay we know DrainFlow company’s employees working in four basic jobs categories, plumbers, plumber’s assistants, order processors, and bulling representatives. That is a very good team to make the response with customer’s demand, all the works division very clearly, through it customer can very quickly get the service from the company, and save a lot of time for the company. However, there has a big defect for this company.

Employees lack of interaction, they just do the work what kind of work belong to them and do not care about other employees’ work, because the employees just want to finish the work and take the wages, the work’s wages are same no matter with the customers feel satisfaction or not. It is not very good for the company to development, so our group suggest add the rewards system to increase the employees’ motivation. For example when the employees after service if the customer feel dissatisfaction they can make a call to the DrainFlow Company which employees make them feel dissatisfaction.
The company should record that, and when the employees take the wages, company can follow this record to give the rewards or punish to the employees. According this system the employees will have to motivation to better cooperation with co-workers and feel more satisfaction with works. 3. Data Analysis Job Structure and Organizational Design It is evident from the Original Survey that DrainFlow employees are not satisfied with their jobs Research suggests that this could be a reason for concern. Job dissatisfaction can lead to higher absenteeism, job turnover and workplace deviance which can lead to decreased levels of productivity.
Satisfied employees are more likely to talk positively about the organization, help others, and go beyond the normal expectations of their jobs. Therefore, increased employee satisfaction at DrainFlow can directly affect positive customer outcomes. Satisfied employees increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which leads to repeat business. All DrainFlow employees work directly with the customer, so it is imperative that DrainFlow take measures to ensure both job satisfaction and customer satisfaction.
DrainFlow’s current organizational structure is designed to keep costs as low as possible. DrainFlow achieves this through specialization of its work force. Plumbers are the most specialized and highly trained and are therefore paid the highest wages. Plumber assistants are paid about one-fourth the salary of a plumber. 4. Incentive Structure There are no rewarding variable-pay programs. Plumbers are compensated the most, based on their high level of skill while the rest of the employees make approximately one-fourth of the plumber’s wage.
The current pay structure may be externally competitive; however, DrainFlow must also look at the internal equity or worth of each job to the organization. With low customer retention and customer satisfaction, DrainFlow may consider paying employees more to meet customer needs. Additionally, high pay often leads to better-qualified, more motivated employees who want to stay with their current organization. DrainFlow must weigh the costs and benefits of a cash rewards system. Financial incentives can have certain negative impacts by fostering unethical behaviors to obtain personal objectives.
These might include, but are not limited to, billing work performed at a lower price to make a sale, offering free parts at company expense and coercing clients into non-complaint and positive review situations. Therefore, a cash rewards system should not be the only basis of DrainFlow’s incentive structure. Renaldo does not mention finding a balance between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Examples of intrinsic rewards include private and public recognition, employee of the month awards, or even a personal thank you note.
Some research shows that while financial incentives provide short-term motivation, intrinsic or nonfinancial rewards motivate long term. This helps employees feel valuable and needed in a dynamic environment and would be valuable in DrainFlow’s incentive structure. 5. Hiring Practices It is imperative in any place of employment to hire individuals suited for specific positions, particularly for positions involving customer service. Organizational structure and clarity is required to ensure that DrainFlow is attracting the right type of potential employees.
Interested candidates must also fully understand company goals and all job responsibilities. Employees hired based on inaccurate perceptions developed during the interview process can result in employees that are unqualified for the position and/or dissatisfied with work. This is the current situation at DrainFlow. Most employees lack training in customer service, organizational behavior and are anxious about speaking with customers. Order processors do not have sufficient knowledge or skill to explain the customer’s situation to DrainFlow Plumbers or Plumber Assistants.
Billing representatives must deal with the negative reactions of dissatisfied customers, however, are only involved at the end of the job process and unaware of any job details. DrainFlow plumbers do not like being in the position of having to deliver the bad news of an unexpectedly high bill to customers. Recommendations 6. Recommendations Firstly,repair workers must adapt to the development of technology requirements, which determines the development of repair industry. Thus the repair workers not only improve their own quality, , the government also should make efforts to improve the quality of workers.
People also need to strengthen the understanding of theory and equipment using Enterprises ought to do a lot of things for personnel training,which can improve the level of the technical. The enterprises regularly hold all kinds of different levels of training to enhance the effect of training and improve the quality of training. Combining with practice, the enterprises continuously strengthen the occupation morals to establish the philosophy of” serve customer,and the quality is the perfect”.
The Big five personality traits has been preferably used,since it is able to measure the customer service responsibilities and emotional labor. The Big Five personality traits are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, andneuroticism. And then let me show you the Big five personality traits in detail,and it contribute much to the customer service responsibilities and emotional labor. Openness to experience –Appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, curiosity, and variety of experience.
Openness reflects the degree of intellectual curiosity, creativity and a preference for novelty and variety. Conscientiousness –. A tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement; planned rather than spontaneous behavior; organized, and dependable. Extraversion –Energy, positive emotions, surgency, assertiveness, sociability and the tendency to seekstimulation in the company of others, and talkativeness. Agreeableness –A tendency to be compassionate and cooperative rather than suspicious and antagonistic towards others.
It is also a measure of ones’ trusting and helpful nature, and whether a person is generally well tempered or not. Neuroticism The tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily, such as anger, anxiety, depression, orvulnerability. Neuroticism also refers to the degree of emotional stability and impulse control, and is sometimes referred by its low pole – “emotional stability”. 7. Material Incentive Many people think that spiritual incentive effect more long, but sometimes it may only play a short-term effect.
Such as the boss public praise or certificate of an employee, the employee will not only have a sense of pride, will thus germination a pay raise or promotion of desire, because he will recognize as a signal, if only praise without any action, the incentive effect is very difficult to achieve. That is to say spiritual incentive effect also need to consolidate the material incentive. Material incentive is the use of physical means to make inspired by material satisfaction, so as to further mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.
Material incentive funds, awards, by satisfies the requirement of production, stimulate their efforts, the motivation to work. Its starting point is to concern the vital interests of the masses, and continuously meet the people’s increasing needs of material and cultural life. Incentive, can ease the staff some particular period inner imbalance. Therefore, to create a motivating employees be enthusiastic and press on the enterprise environment, which has the effect of general material incentives irreplaceable.
Spiritual motivation is intrinsic motivation, means the intangible incentive spirit aspect, including employee empowerment, on their job performance in recognition, fair, open the promotion system, to provide learning and development, further improve their chances, flexible working time system flexible and establish the road occupation career development for everyone characteristics etc.. Spirit encouragement is an intensive, complex and changeable, wide application, far-reaching, it is advocated the spirit of enterprise management by the means of moral education, is the effective way to mobilize staff enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. . Strategy and Implementation To begin the challenging process of improving employee and customer satisfaction while increasing DrainFlow’s profits it is vital that the recommendations that have been presented in this report be implemented in a clear and systematic fashion across the affected departments within DrainFlow and across the various regional locations. The implementation of these recommendations will require the full dedication of upper management at DrainFlow to ensure that the organizational changes as well as process and protocol changes are embraced by all the employees.
Upper Management will be responsible for implementing and monitoring the new job structure, incentive structure and hiring practices outlined in the recommendations. This will be accomplished by introducing the program to all employees and setting their expectations about implementation. Managers must realize that a cultural shift must happen as well which can take time. Change management will be important throughout this process and managers must measure each step of the implementation to make sure it is on track. Success will be measured in four areas: customer satisfaction, customer etention, employee satisfaction, and profit. To measure customer satisfaction, a survey will be given to willing customers to periodically measure their satisfaction. It will ask about different aspects of their service that encompass all types of employees at DrainFlow. Customer retention numbers will also be monitored and computed to track repeat business. Employee satisfaction will be measured against pre-program satisfaction levels. By using the same survey questions as the past survey, managers can better identify trends in the data.
Employees will also be asked to rate the new program and suggest adjustments to better meet company goals. 9. Conclusion The above proposal outlined how DrainFlow can improve in three areas: job structure, incentive structure, and hiring practices. The recommendations are relatively easy to implement at little to no cost to DrainFlow. The proposal utilizes the current talent within the organization to manage employee satisfaction and trains employees on vital technical skills that are currently lacking. A new incentive structure will motivate employees in all positions and foster productivity and customer retention.
Both concepts lead to increased profit long term. Lastly, by modifying hiring practices, DrainFlow will find and train employees that fit with their business model. With the support of LIGHTNING Consulting, DrainFlow will see a positive increase in both employee and customer satisfaction and lasting success in the plumbing industry. 10. Reference 1. Barb Lyon(2012) Satisfaction of employee. Available from: http://managementhelp. org/customers/service. htm [accessed 24th May,2012] 2. Shkurko, S. I. Material’noe stimulirovanie v novykh usloviiakh khoziaistvovaniia.
Moscow, 1970. 3. Moreinis, Ia. I. Fondy ekonomicheskogo stimulirovaniia v promyshlennosti. Moscow, 1974. 4. Miliukov, A. I. Pooshchritel’nye fondy na predpriiatii (Problemy obrazovaniia i ispol’zovaniia). Moscow, 1974. 5. Eloise Linger(1992)’ Behavior and SociJJ/lssl’[online]. Available at: http://www. firstmonday. org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index. php/bsi/article/viewFile/181/2888 [Accessed 2nd Nov,1992] 6. Thomas O. (1995) Why Satisfied Customers Defect. Available from: http://hbr. org/1995/11/why-satisfied-customers-defect/ar/1 [accessed Nov,1995]

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